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Join Nashville's Leading Thinkers, Doers, and Givers who Inspire, Transform, and Connect Our City.

The "Have a Ball Lend a Hand Network" brings together innovative community leaders, social entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, students, and advocates who are connected through a shared mindset:

  1. We are passionate about creating opportunities for others to succeed and live their best life.
  2. We continue to develop new skills and seek opportunities for our own personal and professional growth.

Surround yourself with a thriving network that will inspire you to dream big and help you increase your impact in your community!


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Are you looking for opportunities to...

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  • Develop yourself, personally and professionally, to better serve your local community?

  • Discover and connect with inspiring community leaders, event organizers, and advocates who can provide inspiration, resources, and collaboration to increase your impact?
  • Contribute to collaborative projects that help all members of our community live their best life?
  • Surround yourself more frequently with the positive energy of people like you, who thrive on a combination of service, creativity, and hustle?

The Have a Ball Lend a Hand Network is an online + local platform that is geared just for you, with just the right blend of relationship-building and knowledge-building to unlock new opportunities that help you thrive while making a positive impact in your community.


Filling a need in Nashville:

Nashville is filled with many inspiring people, programs, and events that are doing meaningful work and bringing people together to make an impact.

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But so often these efforts are disconnected from each other, duplicate efforts, and function in silos without awareness or coordination among one another.

Why does this happen? These programs serve different types of targeted groups (from veterans, to students, to health care), and they are led by different types of people and organizations (non-profits, artists, faith-based, social entrepreneurs, teachers, etc.).

But they all have similar underlying challenges, a shared holistic vision for the community, and opportunities to inspire, share insight, coordinate, and help each other grow.

The Have a Ball Lend a Hand Network is designed to connect across sectors, and "connect the connectors" in Nashville, through online and in-person connections, with an emphasis on sharing and learning from the common threads across all of our efforts.


Who is this for:

This is a local network built around a shared mindset of being a service to others, while continually seeking ways to grow both personally and professionally. This mindset is not limited to non-profits. You may be a passionate community advocate, neighborhood leader, teacher, coach, small business, creative, or social entrepreneur.

If you relate to the mindset of "Have a Ball, Lend a Hand" and the Do Good & Juggle "Path to Success" message, this is the place to find your tribe.


Benefits included in your membership:

  • Access to the private Facebook group/community, and discounted fees to workshops and special events.
  • Discounts for tickets to other local event and workshop partners.
  • Access to learn and connect with Nashville's most inspiring thinkers, doers & givers, both in-person and online interviews and webinars.
  • Access to a crowd-sourced list of up-to-date resources that help you better serve your community and be a resource to the individuals and families that you serve.
  • Access to member-only micro-grants for local impact projects.
  • Opportunities to amplify your voice and increase visibility of your programs and story.
  • Opportunities to help guide and suggest local organizations, events, and partners for Do Good & Juggle to visit with motivational workshops and inspirational programs.
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