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Help bring joy and inspiration to children & families in partnership with local organizations who provide life-changing programs for those who need it most.

Join an interactive project that captures the moment where "I can't..." becomes "I can!"

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Have a Ball
Get Inspired as you Learn a New Skill!

Achieve a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before!

The "Learn to Juggle Challenge" is an engaging activity that is as fun as it is motivational.

Our professional juggling trainers teach the technique of three ball juggling with a side-by-side instructional approach that breaks the complex challenge into four simple steps.

Get up, get moving, and have FUN learning something new!

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Lend a Hand
Give Back to Non-Profits & Local Families

The Learn to Juggle Challenge is featured program of Do Good & Juggle: Buy One Give One Juggling Balls. With each juggling ball set purchased, we donate a set to a local non-profit organization, school, or children's hospitals, or school that provides life-changing programs for children & families.

Each set comes with The Path to Success motivational print, that provides motivation and a foundation for success to those that need it most.

Learning to juggle is a simple, yet powerful, foundation that helps each individual reach for their dreams, achieve their goals, and never give up!

Find meaning in knowing that your experience of joy and inspiration is being gifted to local families and children at our community partners.


Make a Memory
Share Your Smile and Story in the Photo Series

The photo of each "Challenge" participant captures the moment where their face lights up, and their internal narrative of "I can't..." becomes "I can!".

Your photo, and a short statement on what "The Path to Success" means to you, will be featured in the online & print photo series featuring individuals from all backgrounds and neighborhoods.

Capture and share they joy that you experience as you take the Challenge!