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Enhance your event with an interactive experience that combines joyful entertainment, powerful engagement, and an inspirational experience with big, genuine smiles on the faces of your attendees!

Capture the moment where "I can't..." becomes "I can!" as each attendee learns to juggle in under 2 minutes. Watch as their eyes light up when they achieve a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before.

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Have a Ball
Inspire your Attendees with a Powerful Experience of Joy and Inspiration

People make long-lasting connections when they are having fun together. With this interactive experience, your attendees light up with big smiles as they achieve a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before!

The "Learn to Juggle Challenge" brings an engaging activity to your event that is as fun as it is motivational.

Our professional juggling trainers teach each attendee the technique of three ball juggling in under 2-minutes, with a side-by-side instructional approach that breaks the complex challenge into four simple steps.

Do Good & Juggle can also provide customized juggling ball sets and motivational posters/stickers/buttons to give away or offer for sale, adding a long-lasting memory and connection tied to your event.

Get up, get moving, and have FUN learning something new!

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Lend a Hand
Give Back by Gifting a Meaningful Program to Non-Profits & Local Families

As part of your event, Do Good & Juggle will donate juggling balls and a Learn to Juggle Workshop to a non-profit organization, school, or children's hospitals, or school that provides life-changing programs for children & families.

Signage and displays at your event area/booth can share this story and mission with each participant,

Including a Giving Back component to your live program is a powerful way to add a positive energy that spreads throughout your entire event.

Your attendees will find meaning in knowing that their experience of joy and inspiration is being gifted to a cause that they care about.



Make a Memory
Capture the Energy and Tell the Story of Your Event

In addition to the interactive engagement, our photobooth and social media activation options will capture the energy of the live event to extend the reach of your program and digital presence.

The photo of each "Challenge" participant captures the moment where their face lights up, and their internal narrative of "I can't..." becomes "I can!".

The photos can be uploaded live to social media channels, with hashtags and links to promote your organization and your event.

Additional options include a raffle or giveaway, encouraging attendees to share their photos with their own social networks to enter to win a prize.

The "Challenge" photos capture genuine joy and excitement, not relying on posed photos, that can be a key part of telling the story of your event and enhancing your future engagement and promotion efforts.

Capture and share they joy that attendees experience at your event!