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Take part in an empowering experience and photo series that celebrates the journey...

where "I can't" becomes "I can!"

Path to Success Stories features photos of individuals from different backgrounds, organizations, and neighborhoods, all captured at the same moment in time when their face lights up with the joy of learning a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before.

Learning to juggle is a simple, yet powerful, foundation that helps each individual reach for their dreams, achieve their goals, and never give up!

How to Participate:

1. Sign up for the Learn to Juggle Challenge, where our professional jugglers teach the technique of three ball juggling by breaking the complex challenge into four simple steps. 

2. Share a short story of your own journey and how you relate to "The Path To Success" message. 

3. Look for your photo & story in the online series, and get inspired by the stories from your fellow participants!

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Path To Success Stories is a program of Do Good & Juggle, a social enterprise that partners with life-changing programs for children, families, and communities, featuring the Buy One Give One Juggling Ball Set.

Learn more about our mission at the video below:


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