Get motivated for success by learning to juggle! 

The metaphor and process of learning to juggle will push your team try the impossible, move together towards a goal, manage stress, and learn to succeed despite the obstacles and barriers they encounter!

The "Path to Success" Collection: Three Juggling Balls + Poster

The "Path to Success" Collection: Three Juggling Balls + Poster

“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” - Victor Borge

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Have a Ball
Learn to Juggle Together!

People make long-lasting connections when they are having fun together. With this interactive experience, your attendees will get to know one another and make personal connections that carry over well beyond your event.

When the entire room learns to juggle together, they find a rhythm and get in sync as a group. Each attendee will bond and feel pride as a valued member of your overall organization, culture, and community.

Each participant at your event will receive a Do Good & Juggle set of professional juggling balls along with a motivational poster (with customization options).

Get out of your chairs, get moving, and have FUN trying something new!

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Lend a Hand
Sponsor a Charity Juggling Giveaway/Workshop

Buy One Give One Juggling Balls:

As part of your event, Do Good & Juggle will donate juggling balls and a Learn to Juggle Workshop to a non-profit organization, school, or children's hospitals, or school that provides life-changing programs for children & families.

Members of your group even can be the volunteer assistants at the donated workshop!

Your team will find meaning in knowing that their experience of joy and laughter is being gifted to a cause that they care about supporting.


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Make a Memory
App-Based Team Challenges & Playful Competition 

Through our partnership with Geoteaming, we capture your memories with a fun, competitive app experience.

In small groups, your team will use their smartphones to complete creative challenges by utilizing their new juggling skills, along with their creativity, teamwork, and a lighthearted competitive spirit.

Competitors use their smartphones and the Geoteaming app to complete an interactive scavenger hunt of challenges.

The app guides your team to capture key moments of your team building.  We then create an impactful video that you can share with all of your participants and reinforces the lessons you learned.

Make a memory and keep your team building long into the future.