Path to Success Stories: Ben Griffith

"If I wasn't instantly excellent at something, I wouldn't try it. I would be completely paralyzed by fear, and I wouldn't do it. Because, since I was naturally good at a lot of things, I couldn't stand the idea of being bad at something. I just wouldn't do it, wouldn't try it. Failure was not really an option, which means I didn't do much.

And when I first tried art, I made a horrible mess, and then was rewarded for it. That was everyone's favorite piece that I did. And I didn't know how to recreate a mistake, and I quit for 10 or 15 years. So, part of learning unconditional love and love for myself, is loving the parts of me that are imperfect. Not so that I can fix them or once they're fixed, but loving myself exactly-I'm ok, I'm enough, right now where I am. And I'm not there yet, but it's a great process.

And that is my art process. My art process now is being playful, and getting out of my comfort zone, and making mistakes over and over and over and over and over, and if I learn something, then changing the paradigm, so that I'm still in a state of newness and messing up."

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Path to Success Stories features photos and stories with individuals from different backgrounds, organizations, and neighborhoods, all captured at the same moment in time when their face lights up with the joy of learning a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before.

After participating in the Learn to Juggle Challenge, each participant shares what Do Good & Juggle's Path to Success Framework means to them, sharing stories and wisdom from their own life and experiences.

Learning to juggle is a simple, yet powerful, foundation that helps each individual reach for their dreams, believe in their ability to conquer new challenges, and achieve their goals.

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