Path to Success Stories: Terry Key

"You might go through these challenges, but once you learn how to fix a flat, you can ride your bike forever… While we was going through some things, we never did stop giving back to people. We never did look at people and turn them down, even though we didn't have nothing. If we had, like a sandwich, man, we would give a person half our sandwich. I was teaching my kids, really, man, no matter what you go through, you just still give back, and you still love people… you never know what the next person is going through."

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Path to Success Stories features photos and stories with individuals from different backgrounds, organizations, and neighborhoods, all captured at the same moment in time when their face lights up with the joy of learning a new skill that seemed impossible only moments before.

After participating in the Learn to Juggle Challenge, each participant shares what Do Good & Juggle's Path to Success Framework means to them, sharing stories and wisdom from their own life and experiences.

Learning to juggle is a simple, yet powerful, foundation that helps each individual reach for their dreams, believe in their ability to conquer new challenges, and achieve their goals.

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