Buy One Give One Juggling Ball Set (Set of 3)

Buy One Give One Juggling Ball Set (Set of 3)


Learn to juggle with Do Good & Juggle! The featured set of three premium quality juggling balls are designed with a custom made stretch fabric, and arrive in a specialty gift box that includes Do Good & Juggle’s “Path to Success” bookmark.

Each ball is a solid weight to catch consistently and comfortably in your hands. The red, blue, and green colors make it easy to follow each ball in the pattern when learning a new trick.

Weight: 130g/ball

Colors: Red/Black, Blue/Black, Green/Black


With each set of three juggling balls purchased, Do Good & Juggle will donate a set of three juggling balls to community programs that make a difference in the lives of local children and families. Do Good & Juggle is a social enterprise with a mission to help people re-imagine the stories they tell themselves about what they can or can't do, transforming their mindset from "I can't..." to "I can!" through the creative process of learning to juggle.

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